Mentorship Lunch

Mentorship Lunch gives ticket holders an opportunity to sit and chat at a roundtable with a mentor. Mentorship and access to mentors is an important part of a successful career development. To speed up the process of connecting people and maximizing what one can get out of mentorship, we bring you ‘Mentorship Lunch’ sessions at our conference. We’ve put together four (4) topics at our mentorship sessions; Lunch Mentorship with Investors, with Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and Non-Profit/Social Impact leaders. 

Mentorship Lunch with Investors - Open to founders of tech startups, we match founders with angel investors or venture capitalists whose portfolios reflect similar business areas, company stages, and investment capacity. This session provides an opportunity to better understand the investor and funding process, as well a chance to form a valuable connection with an investor.

Mentorship Lunch with Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Recruiters (Careers in Tech) - Open to all conference attendees for fueling inspiration, growth and mutual interests amongst participants, provided each of them have a purchased conference ticket.

Seats for our Mentorship Lunch Sessions are limited and we accept people on a first come first serve basis so hurry and sign up! Did you already purchase your ticket but didn’t sign up for a Mentorship session, don't worry send us an email at womenaconf@persianwomenintech.com so we can help!


Interested to sign up as a mentor?

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