Women Of MENA In Tech Conference June 22, 2019 - London

Venue: London City Hall, London, UK

Address: The Queen's Walk | SE1 2AA London | United Kingdom

Public transportation: Tube and Rail | Bus

Parking: JustPark | impark

About Us

Persian Women in Tech is a 4 year Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization established by Founder & CEO Sepideh Nasiri to celebrate and empower Persian and Middle East North Africa (MENA) women in Tech (STEM) globally who are engineers, founders, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, investors, and technologists. Our organization provides tangible resources, programs and services that include: Monthly events in PWIT cities (currently in 12 cities globally), conferences, mentorship programs, Female Founder Lunch program, career development, and a Blog platform to provide a voice to a community that is underrepresented. 

The Annual Women Of MENA In Tech conference is curated to highlight profiles of Women of diverse backgrounds In Tech and ignite the conversation about support, role models, talent, opportunities and how companies, organizations and individuals can help change the dialogue and break new grounds in Diversity and Inclusion. 

We want our women and girls all over the world, regardless of what the media, flawed societal narratives, and unfounded perceptions, have the equal opportunity to THRIVE – and not only in the areas of STEM but multiple disciplines required to advance our economic, social, and political spaces equitably in parallel with our advances in technology.

As technology becomes more integrated in our society and creates a new paradigm, it is up to us to be intentional about equity, inclusion, and diverse representation in the space. The 2019 Women of MENA in Technology conference is first of its kind, bringing together speakers and attendees that have been powerful catalysts of change, and now will come together to connect and evolve ideas of bettering the technology landscape globally.

Conference Committee